[Gtkradiant] ZeroRadiant R350 on Linux: "texture/radiant/notex" not found

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 17:13:59 CST 2010

> After starting up radiant and configuring Quake2 as game to use, he
> asked me for the project file. I gave him

That's already the bug I think.  It should not even have to ask you
for the location of a project file.

> ./install/Q2WPack/install/default/scripts/default_project.proj and he
> happily continued starting up. Unfortunately, radiant then raises a
> strange error:

It should not ask you for the project file.  It should find it
automatically.  For example it would be
~/.q3a/q3ut4/scripts/user0.proj for Urban Terror.  Actually the
default_project.proj is only a template; it gets modified (string
values are "magically replaced") to form user0.proj, and user0.proj
gets placed in to a standard location where it will be found
automatically each time.  If you're loading default_project.proj
manually, then things will surely blow up [so no surprises there].  Is
there a file "user<N>.proj" (where N is an integer starting from 0) on
your system somewhere that the Radiant install copied it to?  [If you
could help narrow down the bug.]

Hrm, I'm surprised that you're having this problem on Linux.  It
_sounds_ similar to a bug that does not properly copy game pack files
to correct locations or something.  I just fixed a similar bug on

Anyhow, I might look at this after I fix the .map saving issues on Windows.

Where can I get the Q3W game in order to test this?  Is it a free game?

- Rambetter

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