[Gtkradiant] r346 - GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant

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Sun Dec 12 22:50:40 CST 2010

Author: rambetter
Date: Sun Dec 12 22:50:40 2010
New Revision: 346

ixing a big problem on	Windows	platforms that has to do with copying over
game packs to the game install directory.  Before this patch, users of
Radiant	weren't	able to	start Radiant without doing some manual	copying	of
game pack files over by hand (and	I'm sure nobody	figured	that out).
The problem is in radiant/missing.cpp. 	CopyTree() didn't correctly recursively
copy directories because of a problem in FindFiles::FindFiles() on Windows.

Modified: GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/missing.cpp
Url: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/viewcvs/radiant/GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/missing.cpp?view=diff&rev=346&p1=GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/missing.cpp&r1=345&p2=GtkRadiant/trunk/radiant/missing.cpp&r2=346

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