[Gtkradiant] Progress on broken Windows GtkRadiant build

ailmanki ailmanki at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 11:21:14 CST 2010

VC 2005 Express is still available from Microsoft,
(links to Microsoft)

On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 4:35 PM, Timothee Besset <ttimo at ttimo.net> wrote:

>  On 12/11/2010 04:37 AM, Willi wrote:
> On 10.12.2010 19:41:48, Nerius Landys <nlandys at gmail.com><nlandys at gmail.com>
>  wrote:
> Right after clicking "OK", I come to an error like this one:http://daffy.nerius.com/temp/missing-dll.png
> Complaining about missing MSVCR90.DLL.
> I believe this may be the problem, assuming we're using the "official" GTK
> Windows binaries:
> From http://www.gtk.org/download-windows.html
> It is possible to use these packages also with Microsoft's compiler.
> However, the DLLs here use the msvcrt.dll run-time library. This means
> that also applications that use the DLLs should preferrably use the
> msvcrt.dll run-time. Specifically, this means that you should not use
> newer versions of the Microsoft compiler than Visual C++ 6 without knowing
> exactly what you are doing.
> Which makes me believe that we should build our own binaries if we want to
> use Visual Studio > 6.0 (e.g. 2008). MSVCR90.dll may not be msvcrt.dll but
> still I sense a connection, or at least a potential other problem.
> Willi "Mr. Wonko" Schinmeyer
> Yep that's completely right. Missing different versions of the runtime DLL
> can lead to problems with memory allocation and freeing across DLL
> boundaries and other subtle stability issues.
> It does sound like Rambetter was able to get rid of the recently added
> binary dependencies though. If that's the case we should be on a complete
> VC6 / Visual Studio 2005 solution from the gtk binary dependencies side. I
> don't know if there is an Express edition (e.g. free) for 2005 though .. so
> we may still want to look at compiling the latest gtk for ourselves on 2008
> (or even 2010).
> Another direction could be to move the whole infrastructure to the mingw
> compiler, but I worry about build times, on the EC2 box anything using mingw
> was horribly slow.
> TTimo
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