[Gtkradiant] Sorting out the Windows build

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 15:09:21 CST 2010

Hi guys.  When I get home from work today I'm planning on starting to
sort out the GtkRadiant Windows build.  Right now Radiant is broken on
Windows (compiles but crashes at an early stage writing a .game file).

I'm a complete Windows nub so I'm asking for some guidance in very
simple-to-understand language that is suitable for a complete Windows
nub such as myself.

People seem to suspect that the crashing problem is with dll's that
we're using.  It's crashing at a printf() statement or something like
that.  I have no experience gathering appropriate dll's so some

1. If I want to swap out dll's, which parts of the build should I
modify?  Right now I'm seeing some some paths to dll's in
GtkRadiant/config.py, so I assume I'd modify at least that.  I am
assuming I would maybe have to dig deep into the code to see what the
SCons "setup" target is doing and manually replicate that to use
different dll's.  Any push [advice] in the right direction would be
appreciated.  I will probably do a recursive grep of strings like
".dll" to see where I need to modify things.

2. Would it make sense to test code from a build from 2008 (that sort
of works or at least isn't broken on writing a .game file) against the
current ["broken"] libs?  I would presumably need to recompile that
2008 code against the current libs, and would then attempt to
reproduce the crash when writing a .game file.  Getting the 2008 code
will be no problem thanks to SVN.

3. If we find that the current libs are at fault after testing #2
above, how would one go about finding good libs that don't crash?
Just trial and error?  Use Google and read up on it?

4. What exactly changed in the libs?  It seems that there were some
big changes in the dll's that we're using, and I don't quite know the
history of that because it's not under SVN control.  In the worst case
I plan on reading lots of Google and gathering all the libs from
scratch.  As far as the history of our dll's goes, I know that I made
a change to some of the font code, and with the new code things didn't
compile under Windows using the old libs, and then people started to
gather new libs etc.

5. I noticed that after running the "setup" SCons target that pulls
the dll pak from the web, the directories STLport/ and jpeg-6b/ don't
contain any dll's in them.  So how are STLport and jpeg6b being used
if there are no dll's?

Thanks, Rambetter

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