[Gtkradiant] Compiled ZeroRadiant on Windows w00t!

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 04:10:34 CST 2010

> To get the binary dependencies and the game paks in order on windows,
> you basically need to execute the setup target out of scons. This
> requires a few utilities from cygwin, such as wget and unzip. It also
> requires subversion (I use a non cygwin subversion CLI from collabnet,
> the subversion package in cygwin had some issues).

Wow that was easy after setting up MSYS (which is like Cygwin).  So an
scons target does all the work, all you have to do is install the
build environment (like Python, SVN, scons, and all the MSYS tools)
and execute a single command.

I even went as far as doing an "ln -s" in MSYS to make a link in
/usr/local/bin to my scons (somewhere under C:\Python27\Scripts) and
to python.exe.  So in MSYS everything was in my PATH, I didn't have to
type any full paths anywhere.  MSYS turns out to be pretty nifty.  I
can use it to go anywhere in the filesystem (under C:) and I can even
ssh and scp to other computers.  All of the goodies like patch, diff,
cvs, sed, perl, wget, and so on are available for MSYS.

It's late now (meaning nighttime) but I did actually try to start
Radiant after compiling it.  I did notice that all the dlls and
gamepacks were in the install folder, which is good.  After
configuring Radiant for Urban Terror standalone (meaning specifying a
directory), Radiant crashes.  TTimo, were you able to launch Radiant
with Urban Terror configured?  Did you get to see the grid view and 3D
view (main window that is)?  Apparently it's failing even before
copying the game files to the Urban Terror install directory, because
I checked the directory and found no Radiant-related files there.  I
will have to look more into this tomorrow.  I'm not really sure how to
start debugging in Windows other than Println()'s.

So doing a Radiant build on Windows is pretty complicated and requires
many different softwares in your build environment, and it's not
completely documented anywhere that I've seen.  I may end up
documenting this at some point.  It's easy once you know how to do it,
but nearly impossible to imagine how it's done if you haven't done it

- Rambetter

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