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Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Sun Sep 14 22:47:40 CDT 2008

This basically means that the lightmap would not fit in 128x128 pixels, so the only way to do it is to subdivide the surface.

Have you tried the tesselation options in a .shader?  Look at some water shaders for examples.

Adam Sibson wrote:
> Thank you for your responses, one more question - could an option be crated to force q3map2 to adopt a minimum resolution for the light map? When using low values of _lightmapscale with maps for Quake 3 (so no option to do external lightmaps) it appears that some surfaces will be at a much higher light map resolution than others, presumably based on how q3map2 is splitting the lightmaps between lightmap texture squares. Cutting brushwork doesn't seem to help in trying to force long straight walls to use a higher resolution, would it be possible to improve this? Floors and other large, flat areas often have visibly pixelated light maps.

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