[Gtkradiant] Question about some of your work on Q3MAP2

Rudolf Polzer divVerent at alientrap.org
Sat Sep 13 00:53:21 CDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 03:59:08PM -0500, Timothee Besset wrote:
> -game quakelive should be the version 47, if that was not clear in my
> email I'm fine with keeping the no -game or -game quake3 version 46.
> There's really no need to get anal about it and write 10 pages every time.

So I understood you right.

You DID say "Yes, we broke it, but we don't care. Someone else has to
fix our mess, as we don't care if anyone ELSE can use our software. Why
were we releasing it anyway?"

Fine, I attached a patch for bringing game version 46 back, adding -game
quakelive, and adding -game nexuiz (which only really changes the path
names to look for, as it is annoying that q3map2 STILL looks in ~/.q3a
instead of ~/.nexuiz - and yes, I know that this option does ALMOST
NOTHING on Win32, as anything else already is customizable enough there
(-fs_basepath for example) or does not happen (e.g. it still looks for
Nexuiz/baseq3, but that never exists anyway, and it still looks for a
"Quake" in the path).

However, as I do not have Quake Live (obviously), the game_quakelive.h
file sure needs changes (for the pathnames; I marked these with a
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