[Gtkradiant] 1.5 release plans etc

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Sat Oct 14 17:07:45 CDT 2006

Here are the bugs (I know about) that should be fixed before release:

- brushes with transparent/alpha shader don't render correct (or not at all)
- switching between lighting and textured mode takes too much time (i.e. the normalmaps are loaded/deleted for each toggle)
- view entities as colored boxes instead of missing-texture models is absent.
- entity names are not drawn for brush-entities although "show names" is enabled
- Liquid shaders in q3 do not show up
- the strafing keys collide with the keys for texture copy & paste (you strafe during copy&past, which is very annoying)
- PGUP/PGDN are basically unusable because they use every brush
  in the level instead of just brushes on the same vertical as the camera.

- new light don't have a light_radius key until their radius has been resized by mousedrag or set implicitly with the entity editor
 - after saving and reloading the map, lights without the radius-key have an infinite radius

If there are any bugs that i might have missed, please post them NOW.
We should release a rc-version for testing and publicity as soon as we are done with this list.
Depending on the feedback of the rc we will/should go stable. :)
(This also means that the lightinspector will not show up in 1.5,
but in a later version. I just don't have enough time right now to
make that happen.)

In case you didn't notice, Shaderman made a new nightly... :)


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