[Gtkradiant] 1.5 release plans etc

Shaderman Shaderman at gmx.net
Sun Nov 5 04:09:58 CST 2006

> Here are the bugs (I know about) that should be fixed before release:
> - view entities as colored boxes instead of missing-texture models is absent.
IMO that's not a bug (the nullmodel is pretty good selectable which is 
important), more a "nice to have" thing and not worth changing it at the 
> - Liquid shaders in q3 do not show up
>   (http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1114)
> - the strafing keys collide with the keys for texture copy & paste (you strafe during copy&past, which is very annoying)
IMO that's not a bug, too. This only happens when the mouse is stuck in 
the 3d window (don't know how to call this mode). Release the mouse with 
RMB to get  into the "non stuck 3d window mode" and paste will work 
without problems :)
> Doom3:
> - new light don't have a light_radius key until their radius has been resized by mousedrag or set implicitly with the entity editor
>  - after saving and reloading the map, lights without the radius-key have an infinite radius
I've fixed that. Patch will follow, soon.


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