[Gtkradiant] Suggestion: unstable branch

namespace spam at codecreator.net
Mon Jun 19 14:59:08 CDT 2006


In order to speed up radiants development i suggest that we start an unstable codetree.
I think the major benefits would be that it would enable faster testing and
patch validation while keeping the original radiant stable.
Especially bigger patches like Shadermans enhanced textureviewer and my
coming lightinspector are too big to get merged into the current tree without validation and

Ignoring these patches in order to keep radiant stable would waste the time and
effort these people have put into their patches and won't help us to get more developers,
quite the contrary.

The other problem is that I write my lightinspector against a already patched
(enhanced textureviewer) version of radiant. In other words: things start to pile up.

I talked to Shaderman about this issue and we are both in favour of an unstable-tree.


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