[Gtkradiant] New patches

namespace spam at codecreator.net
Thu Jun 15 08:10:41 CDT 2006


Here are 2 new patches for radiant:

The first patch improves the stacktrace-functionality:

-	Ported the Windows-Version to the new DebugHelp API, see this link for details:
-	With the new API, we are now able to do stacktraces on x86_64 machines.
-	Added stacktrace functionality for Linux.

I tested the x86 codepath on Linux and Windows and both work, however since I don't have a
64 bit cpu I can't test the x86_64 code, hopefully somebody else can do this.
If you want to make readlable stacktraces on Linux you have to raise the debuglevel. With the normal -g flag
stacktrace can only detect return addresses, not real functionnames.
I don't know whats the minimum debuglevel for nameresolution, I usually compile my source with -g3 anyway.

The second patch fixes all compile-errors for vc2k5. With this patch you don't have to modify the source
anymore, like described in the vc2k5 compileguide
http://www.qeradiant.com/wikifaq/index.php?GtkRadiant%20compiling%20with%20Visual%20Studio%208.0 .
The compileguide uses linenumbers to tell you where to add some lines, so its very fragile and very
likely to become outdated quickly. With the patch you don't have to do this dirty hack anymore.

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