[Gtkradiant] Re: RTCW:ET's XML coding in radiant 1.5

SmallPileofGibs spog at planetquake.com
Sun Apr 9 10:05:44 CDT 2006


The .ent file is used to configure the Entity Inspector ('n').
It shows a special attribute-editor GUI for all the attributes defined
in the .ent file.

<integer> attributes are shown in the entity-inspector as 'strict'
integer attribute editors, but you can still edit the string values

<target> attributes are currently represented by string attribute
editors, but may in future have a specialised attribute-editor that
lets you choose from a list of entities in the level rather than
having to type in a name.

Here is some documentation of the .ent format:


I'm happy that you're working on the ET entity definitions, and I'll
do my best to support you =).



Thursday, April 6, 2006, 10:08:28 PM, you wrote:

> Hello, 
>     My name is eb and I have begun a project for re-writing the
> entity.ent(XML) file for radiant's 1.5 release regarding ET.
> I have added a great deal of information and <lists> to the file for entity use.
> Here's the catch:
> ... Since my updated-file includes some XML attribute changes, I
> am curious if the file will no-longer be useful with future radiant
> code.
> So....What I need/want to know is:
> 1. Will the XML become strict in file use ?
> Example: <Integer>will this become a strict "integer only" input line ?</integer>
> 2. Will there be a problem with changing: 
> <target key="target" name="Target">the name of the entity targeted for projection</target>
> TO:
> <string key="target" name="Target">the name of the entity targeted for projection</string>
> (compatibility problems with future versions ?)
> ---------------------------
> I am assuming that the plans for the secondary code sections of
> the XML will be mainly for the UI of the entity property window
> but I just want to be sure as so my re-worked file does not
> become obsolete. (What do I mean by secondary ?: the code between
> <groups>***</groups> and <points>****</points>.
> ---- If you could give me any information for the
> plans/attributes regarding the use of XML in radiant...it would be
> greatly appreciated. 
> [ I would like to continue helping with radiant's progress in
> other facets after this project's completion. ]
> Thanks,
> eb
> P.S. If you're curious; you can find the ALPHA version of my
> reworked file: http://www.spyjuice.com/ENT-in-work.zip
> (far from finished) 


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