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Sun Feb 13 23:39:24 CST 2005

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CPU/RAM/Operating System: amd athlon xp 2700+/512mb kingston ddr 400/ XP pro
Hard Drive Space: 6.28gb (C:) 6gb (P:) 2gb (S:)
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: nvidia GF FX 5700 256mb LE
Version of GTKRadiant: GTKRadiant 1.4.0 Return to castle wolfenstien

1. Any curves that i texture, the image is really micro small like it shrinks it or something and the fit or axial wont work.

2. I run brush cleanup and there are no duplicate brushes or anything but in game some of the brushes are only half texture even though i textured them fully. i.e. the top is texture but the two sides arent or they aren't even there.

3. when i cut 2 brushes (at grid 0.25) after i save and come back to the game it warps the brushes causeing the game to have lots of z fighting from overlapped brushes and invisible parts where the brushes have concaved inwards to reveal caulk.

Cause of Error:
The error have occoured since i installed it and worked on larger type maps not test maps (which are small).
This is for an australian year 12 hsc major project an i await your reply thankyou for your time.

User Email: atomic.knight at gmail.com

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