[Gtkradiant] RE: gtk2 test build

Joseph, William gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:59:00 +0100

Panic over.. I think we've found the problem. It appears to be related =
to the locale settings on the OS.=20

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From: Joseph, William=20
Sent: 03 June 2003 10:53
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Subject: gtk2 test build


I'd like to enlist your help to find the origin of a strange bug in the =
gtk2 port of GtkRadiant-1.3.8.
We've seen some wierd stuff happening with it, described in Comment #8 =

This is the win32 installer (it says 1.3.5, but it's really 1.3.8)

Instructions for install:
When prompted for the main editor path (default GtkRadiant-1.3) and the =
q3 tools path (default Radiant-1.3) enter GtkRadiant-1.3-gtk2 and =
Radiant-1.3-gtk2 respectively, to ensure this install doesn't conflict =
with a previous install of GtkRadiant-1.3.x.

Instructions for test:
Run the program from the start menu, load q3dm17sample.map, see if you =
get the same wierd stuff reported in bug 537 Comment #8, and reply to =
the list if you do.
If it works fine... look for other bugs and report those too =3D).