[Gtkradiant] Linux/ppc compiling

J. Volkmann gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:31:28 +0100

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Timothee Besset (ttimo@idsoftware.com) schrieb:

> You should try to build a complete installer of version 1.3. There is not
> much sense in trying to compile and run GtkRadiant on Linux ppc since
> there are no games compiled for Linux ppc either (Q3 or RTCW). I suppose
> Quake2 and Quake1 have been ported though.
I want to use the laptop to map, because I often have time and only a
laptop around. So it does definitively make sense.
And you are right, quake1/2 run very fine here.

> Fetch the trunk of the cvs, and use ./cons -- setup to build a setup.=20
Doesn't work:
include/stl_check.h:45: #error "Can't find _STLPORT_VERSION, check you
are compiling against STLPort"
include/stl_check.h:51: #error "There is something broken in your
STLPort config"
cons: *** [Release-gcc2-setup/libs/synapse/synapse.o] Error 1
cons: errors constructing Release-gcc2-setup/libs/synapse/synapse.o

STL is installed :-/. Not sure what it wants...

> If
> you run this file you might get a chance. You can also tweak the Cons*
> files to recognize the .ppc architecture and use .ppc extension. If you
> make such changes please send a patch..
As if I would be good enough (*sigh*).

mfG Johannes

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