[Gtkradiant] Linux/ppc compiling

J. Volkmann gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 00:43:20 +0100

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I am relatively new to the subject, but I try to make it short:
I am trying to get gtkradiant to run on a linux/ppc machine (so a linux
installed on a ppc machine). I used the howto in the faq, which was OK
for me :-). Compiling works fine, no severe errors.
I can even run the radiant.x86 file in the install dir (how sarcastic
;-) ) which of course brings an error.

The problem is the following section:
"Have a working installation of the official GtkRadiant release. This
will setup config files and install the right files in the right spots."

How to do a working installation? The .run doesn't work on linux/ppc:
This installation doesn't support glibc-2.1 on Linux / ppc
Please contact Id software technical support at bugs@idsoftware.com
The program returned an error code (1)

Anyone has a suggestion?


mfG Johannes

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