[Gtkradiant] [Bug 723] bspc and -ext problems

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------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2003-02-08 15:17 -------

If you are doing a single player map, you will need to build two .aas files, 
so that the AIs know were to run. For instance, if you map is foo.map, you 
will compile foo.bsp with q3map, and with bspc you will have to produce 
foo_b0.aas and foo_b1.aas. A batch file is provided to help the process (BSPC 
compiling is not integrated into GtkRadiant atm) which you can find in 
C:\Program Files\Return To Castle Wolfenstein\Radiant\makeaas.bat. 

@echo off

rem Enable this next line to compile maps without debug info (put in a rem to 
enable debug info)
rem set extraparms=-optimize

bspc -threads 1 -ext _b0 -cfg aascfg_sm.c -bsp2aas ..\main\maps\%1.bsp -
output ..\main\maps %extraparms%
copy bspc.log temp_b0.log
bspc -threads 1 -ext _b1 -cfg aascfg_lg.c -bsp2aas ..\main\maps\%1.bsp -
output ..\main\maps %extraparms%
copy bspc.log temp_b1.log

works fine using RTCW bspc.exe
$ md5sum bspc.exe
994a7d3b48dc8c08eec7418f8b176111 *bspc.exe


I don't have EF to test against here. I believe you have mixed up the bspc 
binaries you are using and you are using ones from the wrong game. Closing as