[Gtkradiant] plans for a 1.2.11 release

EvilTypeGuy gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
13 Nov 2002 19:24:06 -0600

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 18:31, tigital wrote:
> ...I haven't had time to try to compile the Stable-1_2-Apple, but 
> have been looking at yr updates:  are you testing these as ya go?

I try to as often as I can by sending them over to X-Man.

> ...As far as the underscore/dlopen thang goes, here's what I got from 
> the author:
> -Sure, I am not sure what version of dlcompat it appeared in, but if 
> the version -has 2 makefiles or a configure.in, then the default 
> makefile should build -libdl.1.dylib, this libs behavior is to 
> prepend the underscore.
> -
> -To prepend the underscore in the libdl you have via fink, you need 
> to do -something like
> -
> -#define dlsym dlsym_prepend_underscore
> -
> -Or add -Ddlsym=dlsym_prepend_underscore to the 
> CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS/whatever so it -ends up in the cc line.
> -
> -Peter
> ...so, reading this again, maybe we could do the first idea (#define 
> ...) as an #ifdef __APPLE__?  Otherwise, we've got a few choices:

I think I'll take this option:


That seems clean and this way I don't have to hunt through all the
header files.

> ...In regards to other stuff, I've noticed some things ya might want 
> to put in the construct/conscript files...
> ...for the plug-ins, I used the following additional cxxflags:
> "-no-cpp-precomp -flat_namespace"

These aren't necessary thankfully.

> ...also for the plug-ins, I used the following linker flags:
> "-bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress"

Neither are these. All the plugins work with exactly what's there.

> ...and, after looking further, the above apply to the radiant 
> app...I'll keep looking for things, trying to get the cons system to 
> work!

Cons works for X-Man just about perfectly, we only have a few small
build issues left to iron out.