[Gtkradiant] Re: Mohaa support in GTKRadiant, can i help ?

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 19:19:17 +0100


Moh support has been sleeping for the past few months. GtkR developers are
way too busy, and there wasn't enough interest to get the MoH stuff done.
However I think it should be fairly straightforward to do. It would have
to be based on 1.3, which is the unstable/never released version of the

The right way to get into this, would to head to zerowing.idsoftware.com,
subscribe to the win32 dev mailing list, get to the developer docs to grab
GtkR 1.2 source and compile it:

Once you have the 1.2 source working, switch to 1.3 code (which is a bit
different). 1.3 situation is a bit hectic right now, as we'd have to merge
a LOT of things from 1.2 to get in a reliable situation. But we'll do that
eventually. Best is to get hold of the devs on irc.telefragged.com
#qeradiant also.

I created a zilla item to keep track also:


On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 18:06:15 -0000
"Duncan Weir" <me@duncanweir.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi,
> For a long time now i've been checking out the qeradiant web site, and have noted that your still not ready to offer support
> for Mohaa.
> Well i'd be very interested to help out with the development/support for the Mohaa side, i'm heavily into modding for the Mohaa community ... and that includes a full 3D BSP viewer of the Mohaa maps, a BSP -> Map decompiler and just released, some SKB/SKD model importer/exporters for Milkshape.
> You'll mainly find me on www.modtheater.com but you'll also find posts and articles from/about me on www.planetmedalofhonor.com and www.alliedassault.com
> I also have contact with the head programmer at 2015 who originally developed the game, and Vexar @ EALA whos been doing the Spearhead maps and is sorting out the SDK for the product.
> I'm based in the UK, and run a software develpment company, using VC++, i've been programming for over 20 years, with 10 years commerical experience.
> So basically i think i have many skills and much experience that could benefit the Mohaa community by developing a version of GTK that can support the Mohaa maps.
> If any of this interests you please contact me.
> Duncan Weir
> Aka Scorpio/ScorpioMidget
> I mainly hang around The Modding Theater http://www.modtheater.com (The best Mohaa site).