[Gtkradiant] RE: gtkradiant transparent textures, uh, different

Arnout 'RR2DO2' van Meer gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 8 Nov 2002 19:38:46 -0000

It's related to jpegs. When I grab your jpg, it displays striped as
well. When I save it as tga though it works fine.
- Arnout

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	Yes, pretty much all of our system textures are failing (they
are mostly JPEGs).  If the trans value is set below 0.5 then it just
turns grey. At 0.5 it renders, but not much more transparent than our
radiant and it has stripes.  So it's either loading the image wrong,
which I doubt since it is correct in the texture window, or (more
likely) rendering it with odd blending.  The images themselves do not
have alpha, we're just using the trans X setting on the shaders.

	The msg below refers to textures\system\trigger.jpg=20


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	The texture file loading and the camera drawing code are pretty
	in GtkR. But transparency should be working fine though. I think
it can be=20
	done with both a shader parameter or alpha channel in the
texture (.tga).=20
	Not sure this is working with png (you're using png, right?)=20

	Can you give us some of the textures that are problematic? I
suppose those=20
	are editor utility textures? Such as clip etc.?=20


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	> Any idea why gtk doesn't draw transparent textures the same as
our radiant?=20
	> I turned off texture compression, but it didn't help.  Gtk is
drawing the=20
	> 0.5 trans green as stripes for some reason...  I can submit a
bug if it is=20
	> one, I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something
obvious first. J=20
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