[Gtkradiant] possible changes in release strategy / QA - summary

David Koenig gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 09:06:55 -0600

I'm not sure if everyone on this list is part of the qeradiant mailing list
as well so I'll post what I posted there in regards to a "check of update"
plugin for radiant

A check for update plugin was something that I wanted to do quite a while
ago.. I may work on that a little bit this weekend.. I'll get with you on
that one TTimo.. I suppose we could have it just bring up an "update
radiant" page from the site.. I dunno.. let me ponder this...


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> Several things summing up what I've seen in the previous mails:
> Hydra's post about a release strategy: That's more or less what we do
> already, nothing really new. We provide packages with Q3+RTCW, or RTCW
> only. We have full and updates. We can extend to have more variations. The
> critical point here is that the release process is very tedious, no matter
> how much you automate it. I also restrict the number packages to avoid
> confusion as much as possible about what to get.
> Releasing zips: NO WAY. The 1.2 install generates the .game files on the
> fly from user choices, and they are crucial to editor startup. I can't
> imagine how much people would think 'I'm too good for installers, I'm
> gonna get the zip and do it myself', then they would screw it up and get
> back to us. The other reason is that we HAVE to get users to click through
> a license.
> Doing something more dynamic (auto-update/auto-download of the components)
> is not very realistic. Despite my effort, nobody has messed with the win32
> installer stuff except me .. and I can understand that, it's a boring and
> tricky thing to do. Gef has helped a lot on the Linux installer and he
> knows what I'm talking about. As long as I am the only one playing with
> the installer, I won't push for further changes on the system, it's good
> enough for me.
> Obviously we should push towards some better web integration. We can't
> start changing the release strategy until we have some more web stuff to
> support it. A few immediate things to do would be editor selection: ask
> questions about what games etc., and get the guy directly to the file he
> wants. And a command in GtkRadiant 'check for updates' that sends to the
> appropriate place (an http url binded to a cgi script, with the
> appropriate editor version, installed packages etc.)
> We could go further and write a spyware module than warns when there's an
> update, or sends editor news etc. but that's not something I will throw a
> lot of ressources in myself.
> TTimo
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