[Gtkradiant] mo' bullshit

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 10:16:13 +0100

I think a bunch of people here have already read through this:

We are pretty used to that kind of rant, it's not really a problem
anymore. However it seems it's that time of the year were we are going to
need to explain the usual things about Radiant again, how it evolves,
where does it come from, how QA happens in an open source project etc.

With the advent of HL/CS support and more multiple games support (who said
JKII?), QA is going to become even more tricky, and we're gonna get even
more public exposure (specially to newbies), so I say we should expect to
see more and more of that.

I feel that there is one true problem though in the way the releases have
been evolving. Stable release / nightly updates and stuff .. isn't that
clear anymore .. even for me. We came from a situation were we had 1.1 or
1.1-TA as the stable release, and 1.2 were only nightly releases. At that
time, nightlies were truly beta quality, and we recommended 1.1* as the
production editor.

Now we have completely shifted focus. There is no build of 1.3 available
at this time, and the 1.2 nightlies are actually stable updates over the
last 1.2.3 stable release. I still want to call them nightlies because
they are meant as 'release often' and 'small updates over existing
install'. And I won't call them beta either, because they truly are stable
updates over something we already tagged as 'stable'. 

We did such a good job telling people that nightlies were experimental
when we first introduced them, that they haven't recovered yet and are
reluctant to use 1.2.6

I'm not sure what kind of action we should take. Could just post on
qeradiant.com with some more explanations. But I think a more definitive
page on the website may be good. Some kind of manifest, explaining how the
QA is done, how the releases are handled and stuff.

feedback welcome obviously :)