[Gtkradiant] CVS: q3map 2.0 - builtin GtkBuild ? someone ?

Hydra gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 12:20:20 -0000

> It would be good to have a solution to easily switch between
> the two compilers with the bsp commands. This spawns the issue of the
> builting GtkBuild again .. I know spog was doing stuff around that, but
> I'm less and less sure to see something happen? Who would be interested
> maybe?

well think might be a job for me i think.

I was going to write a build tool that was generic would be generic to work
any set of commands, not just map compilers.

Sounds like this just got priority bumped on my list...

Do we/you have any design specs/ideas for this ?

I'm thinking of making a plugin/module that controls the "bsp" menu (which
should maybe renamed to "Build" or "Compile") and stores it's config in the
game's xml config file.

It'll have an area to enter commands (like build steps) and you'll be able
to give each command a name,  e.g.  "normal vis" = "q3map -vis $options
$target" and then you'll be able to create "run" items that contain a list
of command names that are run in order.  like "portal, normal vis, normal
light" then you'll be able to name this list of commands so that you can
give it a short name that appears on the menu.

In adition to this, the user will be able to build xml config files that can
contain options that can be enabled/disabled to build the $options part of
the commands.  These config files will be specific to a tool, so that when
you define a command name, you'll be able to select from a list of option
xml files (like q3mapoptions.xml).  then there can be a little button that's
pressed to pop up a window (or adjust the current window) with the available
options, like "-fast" for instance.

This would make a nice generic tool that will work for all future build
tools we may ever use.

then, so simply use q3map2 instead of q3map you'd just change the list of
commands in the "run" list to include a q3map2 command instead of a q3map

bish-bosh, what do you guys think..