[Gtkradiant] [Bug 442] HalfLife Map Compiler

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------- Additional Comments From ydnar@rasterproductions.com  2002-03-14 13:26 -------
You may want to talk with the folks working on the Natural Selection HL mod 
(http://natural-selection.org). They have a modified version of ZHLT that 
expands a few mins/maxs. I've heard that other HL mod authors/mappers are using 
their modified ZHLT as well.

Readyroom.org (http://readyroom.org) for instance, has a compile machine (quad 
Xeon, IIRC) named Shodan (http://www.readyroom.org/shodan.html) that they let 
the public use. BSP monitoring might come in handy for that fellow, as it could 
connect remotely to a user's local machine.

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