[Gtkradiant] [Bug 397] shaderlist.txt (and default RTCW) behavior problems: solution?

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Tue, 05 Mar 2002 09:55:34 -0600


------- Additional Comments From js@mindgrid.net  2002-03-05 09:55 -------
About ttimos comments: you're saying the way to correct the problem is to have 
a more thorough shaderlist.txt in released for the setup. That was part of the 
original problem, but the outcome is still the same when corrected.

Here is the key problem, taken from my original submission:
"...when specifying select portions of the shaderlist.txt we lose directories 
which contain images which are never defined in any shader. These images become 
hidden for use."

Basically you can put every single .shader file in to shaderlist.txt and the 
editor WILL NOT display texture-only directories (these directories have no 
shader files). Here is a test scenario.  You have new game textures which DO 
NOT require a shader. In the editor with shaderlist.txt enabled, you will never 
see these textures. In the editor with shaderlist.txt disabled you will see 

The work around is to do the following.
1. Create a new directory to drop your custom textures in.
2. Create a <directory>.shader file in the scripts directory with no data.
3. Create a <directory> line in the shaderlist.txt

The actual bug in the way that the shaderlist.txt works in the editor is the 
shader names. In Wolfenstein a lot of wall textures are specified in a 
walls.shader. I add an entry to shaderlist.txt to load walls.shader. The 
contents of walls.shader DOES NOT have any shaders that point 
to /textures/walls/blah. As a result, the shader is parsed, and the shader 
heiarchy is populated in to the texture menu. Along with this, 'walls' is seen 
listed in the texture drop down. When you select 'walls' from the texture menu, 
0 textures are loaded. This is because there are no textures/walls/* in the 

I hope this clarifies the problem? Keeping shaderlist.txt would work a lot 
better if the shader names themselves were not displayed in the editors texture 
menu if no shaders specify textures/<shadername>/<shader>. A good example is 
the walls.shader, and all of the nerve-*.shader files.

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