[Gtkradiant] synapse merging into trunk

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 12:37:28 +0100

I am going to start merging synapse into the trunk. The modules have been
converted, and therefore the core should work fine after the commit (or
soon after a few obvious fixes). The plugins however will need to be
adapted. Switching a plugin or a module from the old tech to the new one
is very easy though, so I'd expect that to go by fast.

A bit of roadmap:

Once synapse lands in the trunk, we can start thinking seriously about
Q1/Q2 support. It will be a good time to get the Q2/HL modules integrated
into the tree. That new dev version will start the 1.3 series.

I am not very clear on what should go in next 1.3 release, apart from
HL/Q1 support. I need to look at the trunk some more before I can tell.
I'm not sure this is going to be an heavily xmap oriented release, since I
suspect there are more important things left to be done, such as new BSP
monitoring and mdc support.

Meanwhile, we are going to put together a new stable release 1.2.5 from
the stable branch. There are a few issues to be looked at around that, I
have been talking with RR2DO2 who reported some bugs in q3map for
instance. (not very clear on the cause myself, but I believe it's in