[Gtkradiant] qeradiant.com looking for reliable mirrors

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Sun, 20 Jan 2002 17:35:19 -0800

might want to try this place.. very reliable and fast Dls


Go to this page to add DL.
they'll email you back with link and usually pretty fast...within a few

also theres no open last map option... i changed in the ini

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> Hello everyone
> I am sending out an email because qeradiant.com is looking for some more
> mirrors. Has we have announced following the Wolf SDK release, we are
> planning on releasing a new version of GtkRadiant with a Wolf game pack.
> Our current download solutions are 3ddownloads.com and ftp.idsoftware.com
> both are pretty loaded right now, so I'm looking for some more URLs.
> Our main problem is that even though the next setup we are going to
> is of good quality, it will be a beta, and we are planning to release
> regular updates after it (being an open source project, a good part of the
> QA process means sending out builds, gathering feedback and improving).
> That's why we haven't been looking for more mirrors in the past, to avoid
> too many outdated versions floating around. So what I'm looking for is a
> solution where I would have an ftp access to upload to, so that I'm sure
> the mirror holds the latest version (or any similar system that has good
> syncing with a main source).
> Let me know if you can do something :-)
> TTimo
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