[Gtkradiant] [Bug 298] Copy/Paste is broken since new map-module

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Mon, 14 Jan 2002 20:11:58 -0600


------- Additional Comments From hydra@hydras-world.com  2002-01-14 20:11 -------
no no no, that's exactly right.  but selecting edit/copy and then edit/paste 
does not exihibit the same behaviour as CLONEing a brush using space.  when you 
CLONE a brush the clone is moved down and right (as from top xy view) and then 
the CLONE is left selected and the original is de-selected.  when you edit/copy 
then edit/paste, in old versions of radiant prior to map-module merge, the same 
happens (brush is duplicated) but the duplicate is NOT moved. (which I like).  
but AFTER the map-module merge the original brushes are NOT de-selected on an 
edit/copy then edit/paste (pressing space is NOT affected).

this patch leaves SPACE unchanged by default (so you remain happy), adds the 
option to NOT move the duplicated brushes (which I like) and restores the 
edit/copy then edit/paste to it's original functionality.  Addtionally it adds 
an option to preferences so that pressing space can be made so that is DOES NOT 
move the clones brush (which I like, but you don't, hence the preference 
setting, default is how you like it and how everyone else expects it).

ok ?

patch in...

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