[Gtkradiant] Re: Linux installation of radiant

Gef gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 20:16:28 +1100


Howdy :]

> I have some suggestion and question about the latest cvs version of
> radiant.

You should probably ask these on the GtkRadiant mailing list

> - setup/linux/config/wolf.data: path should be "main" not "wolf" (It's
> where the pk3 files are for the game)

Er, Your right, my bad
> - setup/linux/setup.data/config.games.sh: Environment variable to the
> gamepath missing. See attachment.

My bad again ;]

> - When starting radiant I get an OpenGL error:  "Warning: OpenGL Error
> GL_INVALID_VALUE - A numeric argument is out of range."
> Do you get the same error? It's coming from glwidget.cpp:
> gtk_glwiget_make_current()
> Maybe that's the reason why it is so slow for me? Will have a look on
> that next week.

The GL_INVALID_VALUE error isn't a problem, couldn't tell you exactly whats
causing it, but it's been around for a while

Any slowdowns or performance problems are more likely to be caused by
configuration issues external to radiant, although that may not appear
to be the case initially

> - errors while compiling contrib:

The plugins in contrib haven't been updated since large changes were made
to mathlib, and as a consequence are currently broken

> Compiling plugins
> cons: "." is up-to-date.
> cons: error in file "plugins/vfspk3/Conscript":
> 	Release/plugins/vfspk3/vfspk3.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/vfspk3/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/vfspk3/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> cons: error in file "plugins/shaders/Conscript":
> 	Release/plugins/shaders/plugin.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/shaders/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/shaders/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> cons: error in file "plugins/image/Conscript":
> 	Release/plugins/image/jpeg.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/image/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/image/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
> cons: script errors encountered: construction aborted
> What is there wrong?

Not sure, haven't had a chance to look into it, looks odd though

> - You are able to compile curry_gtk and pk3man?

These two are maintained separately to radiant, and afaik haven't been
updated for the 1.2 branch

> - setup/linux/makesdk.pl: The plugin map/map.so is now known as
> mapq3/mapq3.so

The mapq3 changes were made after I committed the linux/setup changes
so, thats something that will need updating

> Thanks, Michael

Gef :]