[Gtkradiant] [Bug 292] Preference Settings that require a restart broken

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Sat, 12 Jan 2002 00:20:21 -0600


eviltypeguy@qeradiant.com changed:

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           Platform|                            |All
            Summary|Patch Toolbar Option Not    |Preference Settings that
                   |Working                     |require a restart broken

------- Additional Comments From eviltypeguy@qeradiant.com  2002-01-12 00:20 -------
Well firstly, the patch toolbar option is bogus anyway, it should be "Wide 
Toolbar", and there should be a "Patch Toolbar" option as well. I will attach a 
patch to fix this.

This is because all of these settings are "latched" settings, all but 
the "view" option was broken because the current value instead of the "latched" 
value was being saved to the profile. "Latched" preferences are holder 
variables that store the preferences that were set during this editing session, 
and are supposed to be saved in place of the real preference's value into the 
profile so that upon restart they are loaded, this is done so that the real 
preference's value can't be changed during the current editing session causing 
problems with radiant.

The startup shaders preference, the patch toolbar preference, and texture 
quality setting were all being ignored because of this problem. Texture quality 
doesn't appear to have any effect currently for other reasons, but at least I 
can fix the preference dialog.

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