[Gtkradiant] Prefences in plugins ?

Hydra gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 04:58:29 -0000

Ok, now that we've got multiple game support, how are we going to handle
plugin preferences ?

Currently I can't see a way to access g_PrefsDlg from a plugin.

I need to access the setting g_PrefsDgl.m_bPak (Use PAK/PK3 files) from my
VFSWAD plugin (and so does VFSPK3 btw..), currently they're both hardcoded
to TRUE, which makes the preference setting oboslete at the moment.

What's the best way of storing a plugin's own preferences ?

There are several options:

1) create your own data file in the same directory that the plugin itself
lives in.
2) add the settings to global.pref (XML)
3) add the settings to <game>.pref in games\ (XML)

I'd prefer number 3, but to do that we (i?) need to come up with a format
for this file
and an API for loading/saving/accessing it.

Also, are we going to change radiant.ini to XML ?  seems like a good time to
do it to me.

feedback please...