[Gtkradiant] q3map 1.2.1-y1

ydnar gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 21:33:00 -0800

Built off the latest trunk sources, including MrE and Dose's stuff.

Ashamed to say I added what might be the lamest terrain map hack ever: A new content flag, CONTENTS_LIGHTGRID, which
when found in the map, sets the bounds of the lightgrid.

This is pretty useful for large space maps, where you can limit the lightgrid brush to just the area the players spend
their time in. It cut the lightgrid time for q3dm17 down by 75% (93 -> 28 seconds).

The ugly hackish part is that I set the mins/maxs of the worldspawn entity. Q3A doesn't seem to care in my tests, so...

Other stuff includes a possible radiosity crash fix and lightgrid calcs now obey the -patchshadows switch. This includes
alphashadows and lightfilter, too.

For shots of the new bits, see here:


Will submit patches as soon as my army of testers shake out any bugs.