[Gtkradiant] [Bug 279] Fix compiling on Linux

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------- Additional Comments From ttimo@idsoftware.com  2002-01-02 04:32 -------
checked in the patches, trying to list more issues and the current situation:

- setup/win32/TODO and HOWTO have useful info about the setup strategy
- I need to get the Wolf media into the hands of more people, writing setup code
for multiple games support with only one game to support right now is a bit
abstract (unless someone hacks up Q2 and Q1 support real quick?)
- currently we have a beginning of working full setup, lots of tweaking to be
done, see below:


- makesdk.sh prolly needs to be rewritten in major parts. I would go for perl
and work closely with existing setup/win32/setup.pl (sharing code, and also
using the same approach).

- When running setup/linux/setup.pl, you give a bunch of params (on command
line, in a file? hardcoded in the setup.pl for now..), that say "build data for
a setup in <directory>, put (don't put) the core stuff, put the Q3 game pack,
this other game etc., and also say "this is nightly setup, this is full setup"
to include/not include documentation and media). That's more or less what we are
doing on win32 already.

- installation paths on linux. As stated in the conversation below, game
specific modules should go in /usr/local/games/radiant/quake3/modules/*.so, game
specific tools in /usr/local/games/radiant/quake3/(q3map, bspc)
Those locations are configured in the .game files

- the setup binaries needs a better component path prompt (this is listed in
setup/TODO already). A new glade dialog, that displays a box with default path
and a browse button (a-la InstallShield indeed). But that's polishing, not very


<TTimo> ok it looks clearer that the makesdk.sh is gonna need a big rewrite
<TTimo> probably perl-based approach
<TTimo> it is probably less work to put the game-specific binaries below the
main radiant install
<TTimo> which is a different behaviour than what we are doing on win32
<TTimo> I don't like too much when there are different install strategies by
platform, but the linux setup code isn't customizable enough 
<Gef> game specific binaries?
<TTimo> yes .. do you have a win32 install somewhere? or maybe wine
<TTimo> you should run the win32 gameselect setup I released earlier on
<TTimo> and see where it puts stuff
<TTimo> the module .so are going in a game-specific directory
<Gef> ahh
<TTimo> on win32 it's C:\quake3\GtkRadiant\modules\*.dll for instance
<TTimo> on linux that would mean /usr/local/games/quake3/radiant/modules/*.so
<TTimo> but we are prompting for /usr/local/games/quake3
<TTimo> that would suppose adding new setup code to prompt for the subdir (like
we do in win32)
<TTimo> instead we can just do a /usr/local/games/radiant/quake3/modules/*.so
<Gef> /usr/local/games/radiant/quake3/modules/ be a better option? ... yeah what
you just said
<TTimo> yeah .. even on win32 we could put the game dirs directly below the main
path .. but it breaks old SetQDirFromPath shit
<TTimo> and mappers are really really used to have their tools below the game
<TTimo> which is less criticial issue on linux

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