[Gtkradiant] [Bug 207] JPG file display in texture window

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Wed, 02 Jan 2002 01:38:47 -0600


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------- Additional Comments From eviltypeguy@qeradiant.com  2002-01-02 01:38 -------
Ok, I've fixed this, I just need to talk to TTimo later today (or tomorrow
depending on how you look at it) about the fix, have him look over it and then
merge it into the tree.

The problem is the mipmapping code, basically we're using a low quality
gluBuild2dMipMaps function to scale and mipmap all the images. This routine's
quality level sucks bad. It's not a .jpg vs. .tga issue either, I've already
tried creating .tga equivalents of .jpg's that appeared to have this blurry
issue and it didn't help.

I've copmletely axed the usage of the old glubuild2dmipmaps function and ported
LordHavoc's texture resampling and lerping code to GtkRadiant (with his
permission) and adapted it to our needs. This makes the textures in the texture
window look 10X better in my opinion.

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