[Gtkradiant] [Bug 241] Q3map -vis (v1.1.1) crashes, but v1.0a does not :[

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Tue, 23 Oct 2001 11:33:44 -0500


tigger@ebom.org changed:

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            Summary|Q3map -vis (v1.1.1) crashes,|Q3map -vis (v1.1.1) crashes,
                   |but v1.0a does not :[       |but v1.0a does not :[

------- Additional Comments From tigger@ebom.org  2001-10-23 11:33 -------
I've discovered that this bug/feature may be related to detail brushes. I made a
small test map with a number of complex shapes (a large fan, non rotating) and
then made it a collection of detail brushes (Selected them all then CTRL+M).
q3map -vis then crashes. Select the same brushes and then hit CTRL+SHIFT+S (make
structural) and q3map -vis has no problems

I really liked detail brushes, hope this can be fixed (if it really is a bug
that is :])


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