[cod] COD:WAW - Custom Maps Still an Issue under linux

MikeTNT MikeTNT at gmx.de
Sat Oct 31 14:48:48 EDT 2009

JD from TA wrote:
"Hey PC fans!

Good news - the team here at Treyarch are preparing a 1.7 patch to wrap up a 
few of the lingering issues surrounding the PC version of the game. Here's a 
snippet from the 1.7 readme:

.Fixed a voice chat crash on systems with no default recording device 
.Fixed an issue causing erroneous duplicate qport errors.
.Server admins can disable team switching by setting g_allow_teamchange to 
0. Players will be restricted to Auto-Assign in team-based gametypes.
The team is just putting the finishing touches on it before sending it off 
to QA for testing. No ETA is planned yet, but I'll update when I get better 
clarity on its progress.


I hope that it is not a Halloween joke and that ryan will find the time now 
to fix the custom map iwd problem, as it is a real show stopper.
Perhaps someone can explain for ryan, what is exactly wrong. I only know 
that http-redirect for iwd files doesn't work in the usermaps/mapname 
Additionally there seem to be extra restrictions for custom maps under linux 
(size? quantity of models etc.?). Perhaps this is also fixable.
I have the fealing that this is now the last chance to get proper linux 


Mike aka '][' N ']['

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> Ryan C. Gordon schrieb:
>>> To my knowledge the issues were discussed and verified by Ryan back in 
>>> 1.3 but no hotfix was ever released for this.
>> Crap, I thought we fixed that. I'll have to take a look again.
>> --ryan.
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> maybe you can fix it with patch 1.7?
> best regards
> Ulf aka [DOOZER]Horrid
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