[cod] forget about IW2 and get back to work :)

escapedturkey escapedturkey at escapedturkey.com
Tue Oct 20 13:18:19 EDT 2009

No, in that case we'd be telling him to install COD 4. If we carry this 
analgoy further, what it seems he's asking is for a way to get Windows 
security updates while bypassing the Windows Genuine authentication system.

Steffen Tronstad wrote:
> You _/can/_ install a serverpatch that doesnt affect the client. There 
> are numerous patches for valve-games trough steam, that only affects the 
> dedicated server part (security/bugfixes).
> There is a difference between game-versions and general patches.
> What pet is asking for, is similar to asking for a security-fix 
> (servicepack) for windows xp, and you are telling him to upgrade to 
> windows vista :)
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> *Emne:* Re: [cod] forget about IW2 and get back to work :)
> You can give the reason that you prefer to use 1.0 servers, it doesn't 
> matter to the purposes of this list. The point is that if you want 
> support, you must be using the latest version of the game...as simple as 
> that. I'd really like to know how did you pretend to fix the bug without 
> installing a patch?...funny thing.
> It's also more than a game for me, and that's why I use the latest 
> version, as any serious gamer would do.
> Regards
> On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:18 PM, pet <games at maxrate.pl 
> <mailto:games at maxrate.pl>> wrote:
> Sorry, wrong thinking. lam not going to remove  cod2 1.0 server from my 
> offer, it would be a suicide  like for other game hosting companies in 
> my country. Nearly 80% call of duty customers rents cod2 1.0 version. 
> Above mentioned problems doesn't appear each day, but one time per 
> month. Our cod2 1.0 community is very large. They do not play 1.0 
> because of pirated clients, they do this because the 1.3 patch brings 
> many unexpected add-ons/patches which makes the game-play very poor. The 
> same issue was by counter strike 1.4, the aiming was beautiful and game 
> was nearly perfect, there was no need to make some improvements, but 
> unfortunately the new 1.6 patch made this game unplayable. If somebody 
> is cheating on cod2 1.0 he can also cheat in further versions as well, 
> cheaters are everywhere, it's up to You how to handle with them. 
> Naturally cod2 1.3 is very good for clan battles etc., You have more 
> tools to fight with the cheaters and pirated clients and this is a good 
> site of this version and  punk buster implementation  as well. There are 
> always good and bad sites. But as I mentioned before, I will not resign 
> from cod2 1.0 or counter strike 1.4 as long as theirs communities still 
> growing  up and there will bo more fans than any other FPS game on our 
> market. Do not forget, we have a here some phenomenon,  how old this 
> game is - we know it,  how much servers  are still on-line - we know it. 
> There will be a lots of games which dies with natural  death, but cod2 
> 1.0 will be still alive :). For me it means more than game...
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