[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

MaydaX maydaxone at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 08:32:24 EDT 2009

We can't calculate a dollars lost amount based on the signature count 
since one person can easily spam signatures. The number of canceled 
pre-orders will send that message loud and clear to IW.


Caleb Stephens wrote:
> Over reliance?  This isn't about reliance.  We vote with our dollars.  
> Corporate strategy is measured in profitability.
> These petitions won't do anything other than give a head count number 
> showing the impact of this corp strategy.
> This is a huge petition w/ over 50K signatures already collected 
> (approx $3.5M of value zapped out of the entire supply chain):
> http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?dedis4mw
> It seems to be collecting 2k sigs per hour.
> We need a list to track all the lists.  LOL

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