[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

Darren games67 at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 18 09:26:39 EDT 2009

If this is all true does anyone no why you cant pre-order Modern warfare 2 
on steam? it seems very odd to me.
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> Matt | Pointy BestGN wrote:
>> Dev's hearing harsh feedback and reacting in such a way that may possibly
>> result in a drop in future sales is something im sure they do not want, 
>> so I
>> doubt a reverse boycott is on the cards - if it were, who would buy the
>> game?  Lol
> Unless the developer has alternative means, especially in this rough 
> economy. If PC gaming is only a fraction of their income and requires too 
> much work to support, it's no surprise they are shaving off the bits and 
> pieces that aren't cost effective or too frustrating to manage. It's 
> business and profit.
> Am I happy that MW2 support for dedicated servers is being dropped? Not at 
> all. However, it doesn't come as much surprise and there a lot of 
> alternatives, such as modifying games to be just like it or better 
> (example: the Source engine).
> In the future I hope we can show greater appreciation to the developers 
> (such as Valve) that do give us free support, Linux binaries, etc., 
> instead of threatening boycotts, name-calling, and being rude to them.
> Anyhow, this is off-topic from the discussion of COD server 
> administration. I've said what's on my mind. :)
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