[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

MaydaX maydaxone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 18:16:21 EDT 2009

No doubt that Call of Duty series accounts for the majority when it 
comes to anti-cheat communities. PBBans was approaching 3,000 CoD4 
streaming servers alone before we moved our servers. However I don't 
think the game will be killed without PunkBuster. Battlefield 2 was 
overrun with commander hacks etc for years and it has PunkBuster. EA in 
the end had to fix the game to stop the hacks from working.

PunkBuster is great for combating public hacks but is a game of cat and 
mouse when it comes to the private ones. I've always believed the best 
anti-cheat system is one that prevents the cheats from working in the 
first place. I'm still waiting for that one to be successfully developed :)

I too will not be buying MW2 on day one until the reviews are released 
from fellow gamers. I'm also waiting to see what is released in regards 
to dedicated server files etc. If the game is good and proper support 
shown I will buy it, with or without PB.

PBBans.com Developer

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