[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

James Landi jim at landi.net
Thu Oct 15 19:08:53 EDT 2009

First let me say that I will not be hosting or releasing any files for 
MW2,  With the lack of any response or support from IW or Activision I 
see no reason to support them with my bandwidth, community or access.  
Hell after my public comments I may not have access to these files 
anymore, but that's fine I can move on to other games and or hobbies 
rather quickly.  Sorry there's no kissing ass on my end.

I've already informed my community that MW2 is a "must wait for patch" 
title and not to pre-order or purchase on day one.

Not sure if any GSPs are pre-renting MW2 servers but you should be very 
careful and watch yourselves.  With the lack of any real PC related 
information, worst then any past Call of Duty title to date, I can only 
feel that we are in for a very bumpy road as well as some very bad 

If there's any type of dedicated server in the box, you already know 
it's going to be Windows only, for god knows how long.  That combined 
with unreleased system specs for the clients means they don't know what 
or how it's going to run. 

Then there is this whole rumor about the PC version being delayed.  It's 
been close to 2 weeks now and Activision, IW and or 402 have yet to 
confirm or deny the rumors in public.   That can only mean they are 
trying to rush what ever they have out the door.  Unfortunately we'll 
have to pay for their rushing a product that unlike past Call of duty 
titles from IW their hearts are not in it this time.  Which means for 
us, a buggy game with many unsolved issues when it's released.

With the lack of any information or simply communications from IW in 
regards to the PC side of this game so close to release, what make 
anyone think that we'll get the support after the game ships?

Sorry for my rant Rudedog out.

Jim Landi
Microsoft MVP, Games for Windows

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