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Christian Gerbrandt gerbra at gotadsl.co.uk
Wed Oct 14 09:46:37 EDT 2009

Well, looks like we are also looking into 2 different things here:


The Backend and the Frontend.

I was mainly looking for a Backend kind of Control Panel, for me to manage
the servers.

Not interested (at the moment) what it looks like for the user, or if the
user even has access.


But I can see your point when you are dealing with customers, and they can
manage their servers on their own.


I actually have the skills to code something on my own, but not the time.
But I might give it a go anyway, as all the solutions I looked at so far
were lacking features or are not really user(admin) friendly.


From: Marco Padovan [mailto:evolutioncrazy at gmail.com] 
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My idea is that if someone want to start a business in this area it's better
if he start it knowing what he is doing... bringing some quality into his

I can assure you that if renting a tcadmin/(any other cp licence), put it up
and start selling gameserver was as much valid as our in-home-built cp we
wouldn't be "stealing" all the costumers to other existing gsp running
inefficient and without "innovation" platforms ;)

You either need skill (to code your own things) or a lot of money (get
someone to do what you are not able to do) to start a company and profit for

If you have none of them I see it hard to make some decent profit...

ready-to-go things IMHO are very good if you have a pair of servers to
manage.... but if you have hundreds/thousands of gameservers it's well worth
to create something PERFECT and that you think can make a difference
compared to the rest of the market ;)

that's valid also to GUARANTEE to your costumers a top quality service... I
would hide my head under the sand and start crying if a costumer would call
me telling "this things is not working as it should" and I had to contact a
3rd party to get that fixed!!

Replying *instantly* to costumer needs (fixing eventually broken things or
implementing new stuff) is a MUST to be succesful imho...

On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 7:58 PM, Christian Gerbrandt <gerbra at gotadsl.co.uk>

Which is very difficult for a new company.

In the start they all have to save as much money as they can, so they are
going to use a ready CP for their Gameservers.

Later they might change and get a custom one.


I'm not really looking to start a business here, but I'm interested in how
others are managing their Servers.

And occasionally I setup a server for a friend or two.

Would be nice to have something which they can control/manage their servers
without me.


I like SCinterface the most, but it is very complex, and needs a strange

Was only able to test their VM image of it.


Might code my own, as all the others are encoded, and you can't customize

Will also have a look at the solution provided from escapedturkey. 


From: Marco Padovan [mailto:evolutioncrazy at gmail.com] 
Sent: 07 October 2009 18:04

To: Call of Duty server admin list.
Subject: Re: [cod] Gameserver CP


custom built ftw!!!


LOL @ ppl using ready to go systems...


a custom built panel is the only way to offer something more compared to any
other hoster running default things......


On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Christian Gerbrandt <gerbra at gotadsl.co.uk>



As there are a few Gameserver Hoster watching this mailinglist,

Is there a Gameserver CP you could recommend?

Or what are you using. Custom build?


Kind regards,


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