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Christian Gerbrandt gerbra at gotadsl.co.uk
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Which is very difficult for a new company.

In the start they all have to save as much money as they can, so they are
going to use a ready CP for their Gameservers.

Later they might change and get a custom one.


I'm not really looking to start a business here, but I'm interested in how
others are managing their Servers.

And occasionally I setup a server for a friend or two.

Would be nice to have something which they can control/manage their servers
without me.


I like SCinterface the most, but it is very complex, and needs a strange

Was only able to test their VM image of it.


Might code my own, as all the others are encoded, and you can't customize

Will also have a look at the solution provided from escapedturkey. 


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custom built ftw!!!


LOL @ ppl using ready to go systems...


a custom built panel is the only way to offer something more compared to any
other hoster running default things......


On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Christian Gerbrandt <gerbra at gotadsl.co.uk>



As there are a few Gameserver Hoster watching this mailinglist,

Is there a Gameserver CP you could recommend?

Or what are you using. Custom build?


Kind regards,


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