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escapedturkey escapedturkey at escapedturkey.com
Sun Oct 4 07:58:05 EDT 2009

I think this went to the mailing list so I will just hit reply.

Be sure to look at the tutorial (keep in mind the tutorial is a bit dated):

Start Server Tutorial:


Server Status Tutorial:


The main thing is it's more do it yourself, hence the low price:


The control panel is oriented to 'do it yourself' style. So the person 
will upload mods and maps via FTP and/or File Manager.

Anyhow, apologies to all on the list. Just wanted to reply back. :)

Andrej Parovel wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry I didn't want to reply these to the mailing list, maybe you d 
> prefer too keep these for us. I don't know.
> The panel and usermin is OK, it have pretty much all what you need. 
> Exeption maybe some automatically mode and map installer, so you offer 
> to the client some already pre-configured modes and maps that also not 
> so "professional" client can enjoy .
> Also if talking about clients, the ones who only started with gaming, 
> will find a bit difficult to orient over your panel. Some icons and some 
> categories won't harm. These is just an opinion and my impression.
> But nice work I think, and it can be saw you know what you are doing and 
> also you are good.
> Thank you again for these, I hope I didn't disturb.
> Regards.
> escapedturkey wrote:
>> Alright. Sent you an e-mail. Just making sure you know. Sometimes it 
>> can end up in a spam folder. :)
>> Andrej Parovel wrote:
>>> I think is same from me, also because I come from Europe and for some 
>>> miles more won't cause big differences.
>>> Whatever is easier for you.
>>> escapedturkey wrote:
>>>> Oh yah, what location would you like to try: Dallas, Washington DC, 
>>>> or Seattle?
>>>> Andrej Parovel wrote:
>>>>> Hehe, wasn't offering to me, but to the starter of these topic. But 
>>>>> also I would be glad too see yes.
>>>>> But you offer then also code for it?:D
>>>>> Now I have my own custom panel, but is too dificult and too much 
>>>>> time to stay up to date and build all those applications for so 
>>>>> much games.
>>>>> escapedturkey wrote:
>>>>>> Andrej Parovel wrote:
>>>>>>> You have all those possibilities integrated in webmin?
>>>>>> Yes. This is why I was going to offer you a free account to check 
>>>>>> out. :)
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