Symel GIF Cartoon Fourteen: The Quakemaster

This slide originally made the animation to large to upload but is essential to the plot, so here it is stand alone:
There is something you should know about Symel's flock. They are a Quakeocracy, there leader is chosen via a Quake III Arena tournament, in GNU/Linux of course. Every year the same penguin wins. They call him the Quakemaster. He is the best Quake III player ever, however he is very wise and a skilled leader. Here we shall see one of his many practice rounds...

Here is the cartoon:
If you are using a graphical browser then there is a problem on my site, if you are using a text based browser then this is normal. Here is a text version of the cartoon (speech in capitals): You see the Quakemaster dressed in a Visor-like outfit in a throne made up of the Quake III box art. He begins a practice match and starts fraging the other bots. Soon after he has easily defeated them all. XAERO'S A WEAKLING! he decrees before checking and noting that he has a perfect score.

Comments: this one is a cornerstone of the Symel canon, the Quakeocracy system of government is one of my more creative ideas.
Note: Xaero is the final boss of Quake III Arena.
Thanks to id Software for all the great games and source code!

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Note: the Quakemaster's sprite contains textures from Quake III Arena and the animation contains screenshots of that game. These are copyrighted 1999 by id Software and are not under the GFDL, I use it under the terms of fair use and I am intending to make a GFDL replacement later (or maybe use OpenArena screenshots and note that those are under the GPL).


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