Symel GIF Cartoon Sixteen: An Interview with Santa

If you are using a graphical browser then there is a problem on my site, if you are using a text based browser then this is normal. Here is a text version of the cartoon (speech in capitals): Symel is watching television when her favourite talk show comes on. The host introduces his guest, none other than Santa Claus. OKAY, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS YOU LITTLE *BLEEP*ER Santa asks. The host warns Santa not the swear and then states that he is interviewing him, not asking for Christmas gifts. Moving on, the host asks Santa how he got into gift giving. Santa reveals that he sold drugs until the feds found him and forced him into gift giving community service. Upon being asked Santa then reveals that he has been doing it for 990 years, so he only has a decade left to do. YES, ONLY TEN MORE YEARS OF CHRISTMAS CHEER! MU HA HA HA HA HA! Santa exclaims while Symel stares surprised at her television screen.

Comments: some evil back story for Santa! This is also the beginning of me using my new more symmetrical animation sprites.
Merry Christmas - 2006. "Feds" as in "federals" not as in "Fedora users". ;-D

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