The Icculus Microgrant 2020

(Other years of Microgrant history can be found here.)

Thank you to everyone that applied for and contributed to a second year of this bonkers idea. I hope we are all making the world a tiny bit better here!

What is this?

Google gave me 250 dollars and I gave it away:

Google gave me an award for my contributions to Linux gaming and open source, and while I’m honored to be acknowledged, I can’t accept money from a company that is actively engaging in union busting.

— Ryan C. Gordon (@icculus) December 25, 2019

Other people matched my 250 dollars, so there was more money given to more open source projects!

Since everyone liked this idea, I did it again the next year. Here we are!

The Contributors

Besides me, 24 other people contributed money to this effort. They kindly gave money and left choosing the projects entirely to me. Several asked to remain anonymous, but where I am able to give credit I like to, so thanks to the following people who gave money: begui, Adam, Chris McCann, Josef Vanzura, Dominik Reichardt, Asim Shrestha, Michael Sartain, @wickedlogic, Chris Bush, Michael Greenberg, Christopher Anderson, Joel Baxter, Kenny Goff, @mdiluz, Alex Colomb, @yoken55, and several others.

The Projects

Here are the projects I chose. Last year, the money was doled out in 250 dollar chunks, and I kept that policy this time, too. This year there was just short of 5,500 dollars available, so I rounded up to give $250 to 22 different projects.

We had over 100 project submissions, and many of them were great, and it was hard to narrow down to a list of both quality and variety. If you didn't get a microgrant, please don't take that to mean you weren't worthy; there were so many deserving projects and we only had so much money, so a lot of projects we just couldn't fund.

These projects are listed in no particular order. They are all amazing, and it would be impossible to say one is better than another.

Apply or contribute next year!

There is an RSS feed that announces new rounds of funding, so currently it averages two new posts a year. That is available here. If you would like to donate money to the grants, or apply for a grant yourself, please watch this feed for details.

Questions? Concerns?

DM me on Twitter, or email me, if you prefer.

Thanks everyone, and let's do this again next year!