How to Setup Radiant Compile Environment on Windows 7 with VS2010


  1. Get latest radiant/q3map2 and unzip.
  2. Get and install python 2.7.3 msi to somewhere like C:\Python27.
  3. Get and install scons-2.2.0-setup.exe.
  4. Get SVN command line: (last download on that page).


  1. cd to the folder where you unzipped radiant, then run:
    C:\Python27\Scripts\scons.bat target=setup
    That will grab the dependencies from SVN for you (i.e. missing libxml.h etc.)
  2. Run vs2010 (and convert) or vs2008 (note: you still need at least vs2008 express to have 2008 debug dlls used by radiant / q3map2, otherwise you'll get winsxs side-by-side errors when you run your apps)
  3. Compile, and you'll get:
    Error 421 error C2084: function '__int64 abs(__int64)' already has a body.... \stl_cstdlib.h 158 1 image
  4. So comment out this line, and compile again:
    //inline STLP_LONG_LONG abs(_STLP_LONG_LONG __x) { return __x < 0 ? -_x : __x; } //line 158
  5. Done!

More help at: