Contents: This document contains editing information for the Q3A bot.
The Q3A bot is an artificial player for the computer game Quake III Arena.
Author: Mr Elusive
Last update: 2000-01-04

Copyright 2000 id Software, Inc.

 Item specifications 

The bot uses the item specifications to figure out what items are available to pick up. The item specifications are stored in the file botfiles/items.c

An item specification is constructed as follows:

iteminfo  "item classname"

The "item classname" should be replaced by the classname of the item.

The specification fields listed below are placed between the braces.
Every field is assigned a value according to the field type.

name:         type:       description:

name          string      name of the item
model         string      model of the item
modelindex    integer     model index
type          integer     item type
index         integer     index in the inventory
respawntime   float       respawn time
mins          3 floats    mins of the item
maxs          3 floats    maxs of the item

An example:

iteminfo  "item_armor_body"
name "Heavy Armor"
model "models/powerups/armor/armor_red.md3"
respawntime 20
mins {-15,-15,-15}
maxs {15,15,15}