Contents: This document contains editing information for the Q3A bot.
The Q3A bot is an artificial player for the computer game Quake III Arena.
Author: Mr Elusive
Last update: 2000-01-04

Copyright 2000 id Software, Inc.

 Creating a new arena 

A new map only shows up in the Quake III Arena menu system when a new arena is created for that map. Arenas are stored in .arena files in the scripts/ sub-folder. Multiple arenas can be defined in a .arena file. Up to 1024 arenas are loaded from all available scripts/*.arena files. An arena definition in a .arena file is created as follows:

 map [map name]
 longname [full map name]
 bots [names of bots for single player]
 fraglimit [frag limit number]
 type [game types this map is suitable for]
 special [special map type]

[map name] is the name of the map file, for instance "q3dm1"
[full map name] is the full name of the map, for instance "Arena Gate"
[names of bots for single player] is a string with the names of the bots that should be loaded in single player mode, for instance "ranger daemia stripe"
[frag limit number] is the frag limit for single player mode, for intance 15
[game types this map is suitable for] is a string which can contain 'single', 'ffa', 'tourney' and 'ctf', for instance "single ffa tourney"
('single' stands for single player mode, 'ffa' stands for free for all deathmatch, 'tourney' stands for tournament mode and 'ctf' stands for capture the flag)
[special map type] is either the string "Introduction" or the string "Final". This field is only used for the official maps.

Every four new arenas added will show up as a new tier in the single player game. Also only every four new arenas added will show up in the skirmish menu.

NOTE: The single player maps finished at a specific skill level might not show up as finished when new arenas are added.